Your home needs more space? Extend it upwards!

Having a comfortable and functional home implies having enough space available to our needs. Maybe at some point our house was big enough, or perfectly spaced, but in time these things could change, and we may decide that more space would be needed in our homes. Of course, you could consider buying a new, larger home. But that, for many potential reasons, may not be the best solution. In cases like this, especially when the price of buying a larger property would be prohibitive, hiring a London loft specialist to come-up with solutions to extend your current space would make more sense. Price may not be even the driving factor, perhaps you are in love with the area your house is in, or it is close to work, or you don’t feel like swapping your house with another one. There may be many reasons.

If you decided a loft conversion might be what you need, hiring an expert is the best step forward. They can evaluate whether your loft is suited for a conversion. They can also offer you valuable information about planning permissions, loft extension types, and costs, among other things. The benefits of having a loft conversion are multiple, your house will gain more valuable space, this space would be very versatile and useful for many applications. If you were to make a house extension instead, that would mean losing valuable outdoor space. In some cases, that would work for you and your plans, but most people choose extending their lofts simply because that would mean a space gain without loosing outdoor space.

You not only gain more space in your home, but also add new more beautiful views to it. Since your windows will not face directly into the streets, you will have better vistas, and more natural light coming into your house.

Before embarking on such an endeavor, you should get an idea of your needs for this future space, the budget you have, the type of loft conversion you want to have. You may not even need a permit for your construction, but this is something a London loft specialist could advice you about. Planning permissions, loft types, best uses of materials, or even determining whether a loft extension is a possibility for your home or not, these are all answers you can get from a specialist. But, considering you would be extending a current building, without taking more outdoor space, and using the current space and construction available, choosing to make a conversion would make sense in most cases.

A properly made loft conversion will add value to your home, at an affordable price. They are cheaper than extending a house, or moving into a new home. You are not limited to turning your loft into extra bedrooms. It can create an office space, a lounge, or a gym, analyze and discover what’s the best use of your loft.

You must choose a builder who has experience with this sort of projects, this way you are making sure they have the knowledge and the best advice possible. A loft conversion is a type of construction that should not take too much time to complete. If your builder is experienced in this type of construction, it should be done in a few weeks.

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